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Meet Paul Bondy

Paul Bondy - PA Houses Online - Paul Bondy has been licensed in real estate for over 25 years. Paul Bondy's Buyers and sellers admire his know-how, knowledge and real-life experiences when it comes to every aspect of buying and selling homes, rehabbing, investing and PA property management.  Paul Bondy believes in education and training.

Homes Solution Realty Group Broker Owner

Paul Bondy's broker ownership position at Homes Solution Realty Group will prove to be a huge benefit to you.  Paul has a true “love” of the business of real estate and understands the impact real estate has on the many buyers and sellers Paul Bondy has helped through the years.

Paul Bondy Working with Buyers

Paul Bondy listens to your needs and wants and then figures out how to best achieve the goal at hand, by working exclusively for you.  Paul Bondy meets with all clients first to inform you on the entire buying process from determining the initial search, finance/mortgage options, wish lists, inspections, homeowner insurance, title insurance and whatever else might be needed to secure the best possible outcome.

Paul Bondy works together with you – sharing opinions of value, condition and an over-all property vibe as it compares to the market.  Paul Bondy takes the privilege of helping buyers find dream homes very personally and treats the experience as if he was buying the home for his own family.

Paul Bondy respects and appreciates that he plays an integral role in the acquisition of your largest asset.  In addition to Paul Bondy’s knowledge of the market – his experience with new construction, rehab and investment purchases further enhances the benefits he’ll be able to provide to you.

Paul Bondy Working with Sellers.

Paul Bondy is not be the owner/agent that simply shares what he thinks or knows the sellers want to hear, rather he shares the facts – the ones that his seller clients need to hear to best execute a successful sale for top dollar.  The best part of working with Paul Bondy and his team when considering selling your home is the added advantages that he Paul to offer.

Paul Bondy recommends simple and subtle improvements that can be made to further enhance how your home shows and ultimately for how much it will sell for.  Paul Bondy can walk through any home and provide a detailed list from the simplest of repairs to an advanced and detailed list of major renovations that will result in more money in your pocket at the end of the day!  Paul Bondy’s involvement with investment acquisitions, new construction, flips and property management all play a positive factor in the results he will get for you when you list and sell with him and his team.

Paul Bondy maintains relationships once he’s assisted you in selling or purchasing your home – he strives to become your real estate professional for life.  One of his biggest areas of success is showing and sharing why it makes sense to get more involved within the real estate market – primarily with investing in a minimum of one rental property.  Paul Bondy has taught agents, potential investors, friends, family members and past clients the importance of creating a wealth building portfolio which include your primary home coupled with other rental investments.  Paul Bondy wants anyone he comes to represent to take full advantage of all that this industry can offer.  Paul Bondy’s mission is to help those that are able to have a multitude of income streams so that life as we all get older becomes easier and more enjoyable rather than the alternative.

Franchise Owner

Paul Bondys experience started in 1989 when he was first licensed and began working within the Coldwell Banker franchise organization.  Paul Bondy worked in a part-time capacity in 1989, but it did not last long as he felt the attention his clients deserved was one that required a fulltime commitment.  Paul Bondy returned to his fulltime job at the time, running a couple mom & pop pharmacies in Northeast Philadelphia until May 1994 when he finally decided to take the official plunge into the industry – and he never looked back.  Paul Bondy’s first full year in the business he was awarded the Top Producer 100% Award while working within the Re/Max franchise organization. 

After two-and-a-half full-time years with the Re/Max organization, Paul Bondy made a move back to the Coldwell Banker franchise organization where he began, not only enhancing his relationships with potential byers and sellers, but it was in 1998 when Paul Bondy formed Blairhart Developing which became his rental and rehab company.  Paul Bondy realized very early in his career the impact and importance of creating a more diversified wealth building portfolio so in the same year he started as a full-time agent he always purchased his first rental investment property. 

Realizing very quickly the significance of this – Paul Bondy began acquiring more real estate – all the while still listing and selling houses for his growing sphere of influence.  In 1998, Paul Bondy created Blairhart Developing and at its height – the company owned nearly 50 rental investments while also conducting a few rehabs and flips throughout the years.  From 1996 – 2000, Paul Bondy remained with the Coldwell Banker franchise organization until he shifted his career into the Bucks and Montgomery County markets landing himself with a Re/Max franchise in Horsham, PA.

It was at this at this time in Paul Bondy’s career that he realized two very impactful observations within the business of real estate --- most agents struggled with how to perform well and most agents struggled making any sustainable income.  At this point in his career, Paul Bondy already having completed his ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representation) certification, his GRI (Graduate Real Estate Institute) certification, and all of his Broker course requirements and he became passionate about figuring out ways for his fellow Realtors to have more for themselves for the end of their careers.  Paul Bondy first looked into the political side of the business, but quickly realized it was more of people getting together with more opinions than solutions.

In 2001, Paul Bondy was introduced to what appeared to be an up-and-coming new franchise called EXIT Realty.  After conducting some initial inquiries, he quickly came to believe that what the general public at large was lacking – an agent that has a full knowledge of the business and an agent that is in a financially secure position – this EXIT Realty organization might just be onto something pretty special.  Steven Covey wrote, “Start with the end in Mind” and Paul Bondy always understood that the end for real estate agents was the public (buyers and sellers) and their experience with buying and selling.>

After more in-depth due-diligence, Paul Bondy purchased the Regional rights and territory of the entire state of Pennsylvania where he was now responsible for building that new brand.  At Paul Bondy’s height he successfully sold 33 EXIT franchises through the state of PA, with an estimated 750 real estate agents.  Paul Bondy worked as CEO and President for 13+ years when he finally decided to sell the entire company in December 2015.

Although the experience was life-changing, Paul Bondy realized that the only way to make the biggest impact was to focus on doing so in a more local capacity.  With that he partnered with a long-time friend and fellow real estate agent and together they formed their own company Home Solutions Realty Group.  Paul Bondy along with his business partner, Len DeFinis have been in operation since May 2016 running a successful and profitable company with 20 team members.

On a Personal Note 

Paul Bondy is married to his wonderful and beautiful wife Sheryl and has a thirteen- year old son, Trey.  Together they run a small rescue farm with horses, geese, chickens, cats, dogs, a variety of fish and a parrot named Chit-Chat.  For fun Paul Bondy enjoys spending time with his family working aound the farm, traveling, playing golf, teaching martial arts and coaching his son on the baseball diamond.